Top Facts About Four Elements Trainer

Top Facts About Four Elements Trainer
  1. Four Elements Trainer is a simulation game developed and published by Ubisoft.
  2. The game was released on October 18, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  3. The game is set in the fictional land of Elementalia, which is composed of four islands representing the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
  4. Players take on the role of a young wizard who must master the elements in order to save the land from the evil Queen of Shadows.
  5. The game features a unique spellcasting system that allows players to mix and match different element types to create new spells.
  6. The game also features a cooperative multiplayer mode in which players can team up to complete puzzles and defeat enemies.
  7. Four Elements Trainer was generally well-received by critics, with an average score of 82% on Metacritic.
  8. The game won the "Best Family Game" award at the 2017 Game Developers Choice Awards.
  9. Four Elements Trainer was also nominated for "Best Simulation Game" at The Game Awards 2017.
  10. Four Elements Trainer is the first game in the Four Elements series.